Man goes on stabbing spree at Mass. mall, home; 2 dead, 4 hurt

Two people died Tuesday after a series of stabbings in the city of Taunton…

Authorities said they did not see an ongoing threat from the attacks. “The suspect’s motive remains under investigation but at this point we are aware of no nexus to terrorism,” state police said in a statement.

Kerri Devries, 31, DaRosa’s older sister, told the Boston Herald that his brother had been battling depression for years. She said he had been hospitalized for depression just one day before the rampage and was sent home Tuesday.

“He went to the ER, they put him in a psych ward,” she told the newspaper. “All he kept saying (Monday) was the devil was playing tricks on him and was going to poison the minds of his children.”

“I feel so sorry for those families and what happened, but he’s not completely to blame, he was sick,” she added. “He’s been talking about suicide for the past week. My brother was always a loving person and anybody who knows him knows that … That wasn’t him. He wanted help.”

DaRosa’s father and sister told WBZ-TV that DaRosa, who had two children, suffered from psychiatric issues in the past but refused to take medication.

Source: Man goes on stabbing spree at Mass. mall, home; 2 dead, 4 hurt

Dems brush off polls showing close Clinton-Trump race | TheHill

Democrats say it is difficult to see a path to the White House for Trump…

“It’s a little early in the process for people to wrap their heads around the idea that Donald Trump could have the nuclear launch-codes,” said another Democratic strategist unaffiliated with the Clinton campaign, Evan Stavisky. “As the election comes closer, that suspension of disbelief will end.”

Stavisky added that Democrats had some in-built advantages with the electoral college and with the nation’s shifting demographics that Trump would struggle to overcome.

“Most polls continue to show Hillary Clinton with a significant lead. Most electoral maps continue to show some advantage to the Democratic candidate,” he said. “And, ultimately, I think most Democrats would have difficulty thinking of Donald Trump as President of the United States, for no other reason than the demographic changes in the country.”

Source: Dems brush off polls showing close Clinton-Trump race | TheHill

West Virginia Solidly Trump’s, But National Demographics Favor Clinton

Trump, who promised to bring coal jobs back, nearly doubled Clinton’s overall vote count in the West Virginia primary…

“One thing I think is key to distinguish when we look forward to Trump-Clinton potentially in November is that the Republican Party electorate is very different than the general election electorate,” Hickey said.  “And so I think what are Trump’s strengths in winning the nomination will be his weaknesses in the fall in the general election.”

As unpredictable as Trump’s rise to the Republican nomination has been, Hickey said he does not expect the national vote to be much different than historical races because of voter demographics.

“In the general election we can tell by the percentage of African Americans in a state, or the percentage of Hispanic voters in a state or the percentage or urban versus rural.  Those are pretty predictable voting patterns in terms of Democratic or Republican presidential candidates,” he said.  “I don’t see that Trump will really change that map.  If anything I think there will be some kind of anti-turnout.  Like Hispanics might not like Hillary Clinton, but if someone says they’re going to build a wall and deport all undocumented workers then they might turn out to vote against that person.  So I think those demographic fundamentals will not change in 2016.”

Source: West Virginia Solidly Trump’s, But National Demographics Favor Clinton